Here we will see the possible problem you may encounter, and their possible solutions

#How to install Firmata

to install firmata on your board, you can use firmata-party plug the arduino to your computer

npm install -g firmata-party
firmata-party uno


you can also use the arduino IDE

  • Download arduino IDE
  • Plug the funduino in a usb port
  • Open the funduino IDE. Ensure that you selected your funduino type (arduino uno)and port
  • Open Files > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata
  • Upload it (the button with an arrow in the IDE or File > Upload).

#when I move the servo the app crashes

if your board crashes when you try to move the servo they are most likely underpowered

  • check that your funduino is connected to the 9v psu
  • check that the switch on the funduino is set to 5v

#This list is short! My problem is not here!

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