#Before starting

We will use the firmata protocol to talk with the microcontroller.

Firmata is genric protocol that provide an "API" to control your MCU hardware.

In the examples and exercices that you will find here, we will use Javascript, nodejs, and the Johnny-Five package

You will need nodejs (use 6 or 7, or the version you have if it is more than 3) to use the test tool and the workshoper, if you don't have node installed on your computer and don't know how to install it, please ask any of us, we will help you.

#Install firmata on the board

To install firmata on your board, you can use firmata-party plug the arduino to your computer

npm install -g firmata-party
firmata-party uno


you can also use the arduino IDE

  • Download arduino IDE
  • Plug the funduino in a usb port
  • Open the funduino IDE. Ensure that you selected your funduino type (arduino uno)and port
  • Open Files > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata
  • Upload it (the button with an arrow in the IDE or File > Upload).

then to test that the board is ready:

git clone git@github.com:catsAndSolenoids/yldWorkshop.git
cd yldWorkshop
npm install
npm run firmTest

firmTest should say something like

your board is ready to use !

and exit.

If not (if the pack for the board is closed) go here and come back

You are now ready to play with your catbot go here