Catbot Workshop

Building instruction

Before we start to build this cat mesmerizer, let's check if everything is ready and in place

Teamwork !

for this workshop you will pair with someone to have more time to play with johnny-five.

If you know what node-gyp is and have a proper gcc toolchain, or you followed the requirement of the workshop, good thing, you will be the Wizard of the software !
go to the arduino section flash your funduino with firmata and start playing.

the other one will go here and start the assembly.

if none of you have the prerequisite software installed, toss a coin to chose who will install the thing listed here , the other will prey the wifi gods or build the thing


let's get this thing moving!

to learn how to use node to control cats via a microcontroller (MCU) we will use the lasercat workshop built with love with the London's nodebot's team.

to install it type npm install -g lasercat-workshop

then lasercat-workshop to launch the workshoper.

Follow the in terminal instruction, built things, break them, have fun, scream if you need some help.

the Connect page have some more detailed diagrams for your exercises, but they are less awesome than the ASCII ones